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3/3/2020 - Year 4/5 visit to Verulamium Museum St Albans

5/3/2020 - World Book Day 

12/3/2020 - Whole School Culture Day - more information to follow

23/3/2020 - Year 3/4/ visit to Verulamium Museum St Albans

27/3/2020 - Whole School Non Uniform Day in echange for items for FOASS Easter Raffle - more information to follow

30/3/2020 - Parents Evening - more information to follow

1/4/2020 - Parents Evening - more information to follow

3/4/2020 - FOASS Easter Raffle, Easter Service for whole school 


 Events held in Spring Term 1 2020

ALFO Clubs

Craft Club - Monday 3.35pm to 4.45pm with Mrs Pearson

Dance Fusion - Wednesday 3.35pm to 4.30pm with Mrs Eaton

Art Club - Thursday 3.35pm to 5.00pm with Mrs Baker (Governor)

Classroom Topics

Year 6 have been learning about Brazil using map reading skills to locate Brazil in an Atlas, learning about their climate and crating both bar and line graphs to compare the climate to here in the UK.  After half term the pupils will be learning about the Amazon and the Rainforest.

Year 4/5 have been lerning about the Romans and this will be looked at in more depth after the half term with their visit to the Verulamium Museum on 2nd March.  In Science they have been learning about light and shadows using experiements to show how shadows change position.  

Year 3/4 have also been studying the Romans especially moasic patterns.  They will also be visiting the Verulamium Museum later on in March. 


Chinese New Year

The school celebrated with our very own dragon!  The children learned about all the colourful celebrations and wonderful food for the fesitval - Chinese New Year celebrations lasted for around 15 days this year and it is now the year of the Rat!


Commando Joe's Mission Week - Inspirational People

Year 6 studied the female aviator Amelia Earhart and how hard it was for a female in the 1900's to succed and follow their dreams.  With Commando Joe the girls had to race against the boys with a wooden block on their heads whilst the boys had nothing - the girls said it wasn't fair but they understood that it wasn't always fair for Amelia either.  

Years 3/4/5 studied the Romal Gladiator Spartacus - with Commando Joe the children went to 'Gladiator School' and had to make a plan to escape from the Guards then look for food and shelter to survive.  

 Number Day for NSPCC

Children were encouraged to come to school wearing numbers - we had home made hats and t-shirts.  The children spent the day working on maths activitis.  Year 6 ran a Puzzle Hall which each class visited during the day.  Yr 3/4 had lots of money problems to solve and in Yr4/5 did maths puzzles.  We raised an amazing  £98.81 for NSPCC. 

Safer Internet Day 7th February - the day was aimed at encouraging children to explore how they manage their online safety and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.  Why not ask your child what they learned and if there are any important messages they could share with you and the rest of your family.


Update on Tree of Kindness

We have around 450 Acts of Kindness which have been added to our Tree Of Kindness.  We would love to hit our target of 1,000 acts of kindness by the end of school tomorrow 14/2/20.  Please either complete the Consent form on ParentAPP, telephone or email the school office with your acts of kindness 

Tree of Kindness




This week ware are promoting Acts of Kindness here at Alfred Street.  We are setting the whole community - pupils, staff, parents/carers and Governors - the chalenge of carrying out 1000 acts of kindness before the end of school on Friday 14th February.

These acts of kindness can be as simple as holding a door open, picking up someones coat off the floor, giving someone a compliment or sharing, any act that shows kindness.

Our aim is to display 1000 acts of kindness on our Kindness Tree in the hall. Each time an act of Kinnss is completed, it will be writtn on a heart-shaped Pos-it and put on our display.  

Any member of the AFLO community can join in too and help us hit our target of 1000 acts of kindness.  Simply drop into the School Office and jot your act of Kindness on one of our special Post-its, or alternatively, send us a message on Facebook or via our ParentAPPS Consent form and we will add your act of Kindness to the tree for you.

                                                                                   As it's Valentine's Day this week,

                                                                                   And love is in the air,

                                                                                   We're asking our School Community,

                                                                                   To show just how much they care!   

Kindness TreeKindness Tree





ALFO Award Winners - Spring Term 1

Our winners of the ALFO Award for Self-awareness this half term are:

3/4JL                  3/4VS              4/5LT             4/5MK              6SS

Katherine            Lily W              Amelia           Ellie B              Ellie W

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                 3/4VS              4/5LT              4/5MK             6CB                6SS

Thomas G          Jenson           Oliver W          Lily V-P           Ashton            Seva


Christmas Carol Service at the Wesleyan Church 20th December 2019

The service was held at the Church this morning at 10:30am.  We were very pleased to see so many parents and ex-staff attending what was a lovely morning with carols, readings and the Choir performing.  We had a collection after the service and we have raised another £52.54 to go to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). 


ALFO Award Winners - Autumn Term 2



Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Empathy this half term are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                     4/5LT                    4/5MK                     6CB                    6SS

Matthew                Hebe                      Ellie F                  Csongor                  Nadia                  Luke

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                    4/5LT                    4/5MK                      6CB                    6SS

Summer               Jacob                     Zak                       Harry S                   Max S                 Summer

Attainment           Attainment              Attainment            Attainment              Attainment          Attainment 



Christmas Safety Information from Northamptonshire Police and Fire Department


Blocked ChimneysMatch attackSmoke alarmTechnology



Christmas Medly 2019

The whole school will be taking part in this year's Christmas Medley being held on Tuesday 17th December at 1;30pm and Wednesday 18th December at 9:30am.  Ticket can be booked on our School APP in consent forms.

The children have been practicing their performances and they sound wonderful - hope you can come along to join us!


Nativity Festival Visit

Nativity Festival Visit - Fri 29th November
This morning, the pupils got the opportunity to visit St. Peter's Church Nativity Festival. The children really enjoyed looking at all the different styles of Nativity Scenes on display, which included some which were knitted, felted, made of glass or wood, as well as a teeny tiny silver nativity, an origami one made by our very own Mrs Taylor, and - of course - the fantastic 'Recycled Nativity' created by Mrs Pearson's After School Craft Club. Well done to all the children involved with it. The church (which is situated between Midland Road and Station Road in Rushden) will be open tomorrow from 10am - 1pm if any of you would like to visit. There will also be stalls and refreshments for sale.

Nat Fest


Woodwind Recital

Woodwind Recital - Fri 29th November
Upon our return from the Nativity Festival Visit, the whole school were then treated to a thoroughly enjoyable performance from the Woodwind Recital Team from NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust). The children got the opportunity to listen to live music being played by these talented musicians. Not only did they hear pieces ranging from classics such as 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Swan Lake' right through to theme tunes from 'Harry Potter' and 'The Simpsons', they also learnt all about the instruments and how they work. It was a really enjoyable and educational experience.


Year 6 Good Citizen Day Monday 18th November

As part of our enrichment and Safeguarding curriculum, the children in Year 6 will be taking part in a Good Citizen day on Monday 18th November.

The day is being run by a range of services including the Fire Service, the Police, East Northants Council and Crime Stoppers. Throughout the course of the day, the children will take part in 4 workshops that will raise awareness and teach them life skills to become good citizens.

The 4 workshops are as follows

Workshop 1 - Being a good citizen (learning about the effects of fly tipping and graffiti)
Workshop 2 - Basic First Aid
Workshop 3 - Solve it substance misuse
Workshop 4 - Fearless (learning about the Fearless Service and raising awareness on knife crime and gangs)

If you would like any further information or to discuss the workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Anti-Bullying Week 11th to 15th November 2019

11 - 15 NOVEMBER 2019
Reminder that tomorrow 12.11.19 there are two events for Anti-bullying Week.
There is a 'Kindness Activity' being held for all parents to work with their children in their class from 9:00am to 9:30am. Please complete the consent form on our ParentsAPP to inform us if you will be attending.
Also tomorrow it is ODD SOCK DAY - pupils can wear odd socks alongside their school uniform for the day to promote awareness of anti-bullying and celebrating Difference.

Odd Sock Day Tuesday 12th November 2019

Y6 focused on drama as one of their anti-bullying activities. They acted out different scenarios and talked through a range of strategies to help deal with,and prevent,bullying.
They also made Kindness Boxes with messages inside to give to their friends, family and neighbours.

World Diabetes Day 15th November 2019

Huge Thank You !
Many thanks to all of you who sent your children to school wearing blue in aid of World Diabetes Day. Ellie in Y6 held a whole school assembly to explain all about diabetes and how it impacts on her life.
An incredible £106.20 was raised - thank you for your donations

 Diabetes Day 14.11.19


Community Events

Rushden Library Christmas Fayre- 7th December 10am to 3pm

Christmas fair poster



Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Resilience this half term are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                     4/5LT                    4/5MK                     6CB                    6SS

Lukas                    Alex                       Sophie                  Marcin                    Jermaine             Bhumika

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                    4/5LT                    4/5MK                      6CB                    6SS

Mason                  Jaycee-Rae           Bradley                 Tallyn                      Patricia               Orlando

Progress               Progress               Attainment            Attainment              Progress             Progress


Well done to all our ALFO Award winners!



On 3rd October some special visitors came into school to remember the children who lost their lives on 3rd October 1940.  Many were pupils who were at school on the day of the bombing and shared some of their memories with the children currently in school. We were also joined by the Mayor of Rushden.  Year 6 made some rock cakes using a WW2 recipe and children from Year 3 planted a shrub and crosses in our Memorial Garden to remember the 7 children who lost their lives on that day.





Recently the ALFO sports teams have taken part in various tournaments since September and all the teams have had wonderful results.  

Year 5/6 Boys Football - played at Whitefriars Primary.  The boys played some fantastic football and each game was very cloe.  The team came away with the Teamwork Trophy. Well done boys!

Year 5/6 Girls Football - played at Whitefriars Primary.  The girls played on a very wet, windy and cold evening and braved the conditions to come away with 3rd place medals and the Teamwork Trophy.  Well done ALFO girls!

Year 3/4 Futsal - Played at the Pemberton Centre.  Two teams of Futsal players took on sides from four other local schools in two groups.  One of our teams reached the final and, in a close fought contest agains Whitefriars which ended at 1-1 so went to a penalty shoot out.  Unfortunately, the team was beaten in extra time and finished up with runner-up medals and, for the third successive time the Teamwork Trophy.  Well done both teams!

Badminton Yrs 3/4/5/6 - Our team of Badminton players took part in a series of activities that developed the key skills of the game.  Despite finishing ninth, the team completed every activity with passion, resilience and teamwork.  A fantastic effort.

Teamwork Trophies

Teamwork trophies

Well done to all the teams for representing ALFO in such a positive way!




Year 6 children have been learning about WW2.  With ALFO having been bombed in the war it has been a very poignant topic for the children to study.  They have looked at the exact spot where the bomb landed on the school and in December the children will be going to visit Coventry Cathedral to study the effects that WW2 had on the city and where the German bombers were on their way back from when they dropped the bombs on Rushen. 

Year 6 WW2 artwork        

WW2 Yr 6






Years 3/4/5 have been learning lots of facts about life in the Stone Age.  They have been learning how people in the Stone Age lived, what they ate and what clothes they wore. They have also completed lots of cave paintings which can be found in displays in some classrooms.  

Cave Paintings



The Gazette's team of journalists meet on a Wednesday lunch time to share lunch together and write their reports ready for the upcoming addition of the Gazette. 



The children had a visit from Concillor Coleman from Rushden Council who talked to them about how she was elected and what her role involves.  The visit was in preparation of our own School Council Election for the coming year.  Over 30 children were nominated and every child in school had a vote and the hall was set out like a polling station with special booths so the votes were kept secret!

122 votes were cast, the votes counted and verified and for the first year ever, there was a draw in 6CB so their class has three councillors.  

Please see out School Council page for our new councillors. 

Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs

The children watched a performance by M + M Productions of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  It was a fantastic show and the children really enjoyed themselves.



Thank you to all the parents who sent in items for our Harvest Festival.  The two charities we supported, Food Band and Serve were really appreicative for the donations.


Harvest Festival Assembly will be taking place on Wednesday 2nd October and we would like to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  We would like to make a collection of food items for charity and we will be supporting the local Food Bank and Serve.

Please see the letter in Letters to Parents for the list of items we would be grateful to receive. 

Welcome Back!

The Staff at Alfred Street welcome back all the children to the new School Year and hope that you all had a wonderful summer.

End of 2018-19 School Year

We said a fond and tearful farewell to the Year 6 children today.

The Year 6 Graduation was a wonderful event which we were able to hold outside for the parents.  Thank you to all the parents who attended to see the Year 6 receive their present from ALFO - an autograph book and pen - presented by Mrs Hall from Tennyson Road Infant School.  Mrs Hall was amazed at how well the children had performed in their SAT test and how they had all matured into pupils ready for the next stage of their academic life at Secondary School.

We wish all the Year 6 children good luck at their new schools and know that they will do well.

We hope all the children and their families have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing the children who are returning to us, along with the new Year 3 children, in September.

JUNE 2019

Years 3/4/5 will be studying Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in History.  The Teachers have prepared History Enrichment Days where the children will spend the day immersed in Anglo-Saxon/Viking culture and participating in a range of practical activities.  The Teachers love to dress up so it would be great if the children could create a costume to wear on the day.

3/4AB and 3/4VS will have their experience day on Wednesday 5th June

4/5LT and 4/5MK will have their experience day on Wednesday 12th June

The day will be run by staff at the school and a member from the 'Bring History to School Project' which is a Heritage Lottery funded project that Rockingham Forest Trust is delivering.  

This will be an enjoyable and informative day for all the children. 


28th June 2019

What a fantastic morning the whole school had at the Sports Day today.  The atmosphere was brilliant and the children were competitive but very supportive of their team-mates.  The weather was very kind to us and Staff, children and parents all had a wonderful time.  Well done to all the children!

MAY 2019


On Thursday 23rd May FOASS will be holding a whole school disco.  Price per child is £1.50.  

There is an option for pupils and staff to come to school in non-uniform on the 23rd May and donate items for the upcoming School Fayre (29th June 2019 1pm - 4pm).

Items for donation are:

Year 6 - Bottles (drinks (NO ALCOHOL)/toiletries etc)

Year 5 - Food items (tins/packets)

Years 3/4 - soft toys/teddies

Please ensure that all items are in good condition and if you have any donations that may be suitable for a Raffle prize, please also send these into school. 

Thank you for your support!

Come and See for Parents/Carers

Monday 20th May at 5:30 - 5:45pm

Tuesday 21st May at 8:45 - 9:00am and 3:45 - 4:00pm

Come along and have a look at the fantastic work your children have been doing in lessons.

NSPCC and O2 Online Safety Workshops

On Thursday 2nd May the school will be hosting a free online safety workshop at 9:00am.  This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to be introduced to useful tools, suport and guidance to help them have conversations with their children about their online lives.  Please RSVP to the letter sent 4.4.19 to book your space.



The children have been buying their tickets to enter the raffle which will be drawn on Friday 5th April at 2pm.  Good luck to all who have entered!

Year 3/4 and 4/5 Visit to Everdon Centre

On 1st and 2nd April our Years 3/4 and 4/5 classes visted Everdon Centre in Northamptonshire as part of their Geography curriculum..  Whilst they were at the centre they looked at rivers and how they are formed, tried pond dipping and looked at the river banks and surrounding areas. 

News March 2019

Mufti Day Friday 29th March

Children are welcome to wear Mufti on Friday 29th March in exchange for a donation to the FOASS Easter Raffle.  Could children please bring in any forms of chocolate to be included as Raffle prizes.  Thank you.

FOASS - Easter Raffle

This year FOASS will be running the Easter Raffle on Friday 5th April.  Tickets will be on sale from Monday 1st April - tickets 50p (you can buy as many as you wish) and will be sold during the school day in class and after school on the playground.

Red Nose Day 2019 

Children and Satff dressed in red to help raise money for the Comic Relief Day 15th March 2019.  We raised a wonderful total of £145.20 well done everyone who donate