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Choose from the websites below - please do not use other websites unless an adult has given your their permission.

Alfo Subscriptions

Please use your own log in to access these websites/APPS

     Pixl Times Table App  PiXL Times Table APP                                                  EdShed

 PiXL Vocabulary PiXL Vocabulary APP                                                   Purple Mash



A range of online tutorials and games covering all areas of English:

BBC Bitesize Subjects

BBC Bitesize Primary



The school subscribes to this website and children to access it with their personal login details:

A range of online multiplication games:

PiXL Times Tables

A range of online games covering all areas of Maths:

Maths Zone

Problem solving covering all areas of Maths:

NRich Primary Maths



A range of online activities covering all areas of Science:

Game Quarium

A range of experiments to try at home:

Science Kids at Home



Online safety guidance and games for everyone:

Think U Know



Lots of interesting information, videos and games covering all periods of history:

BBC History for Kids

Quiz the whole family on all areas of the curriculum with instant feedback:

Education Quizzes for students

The possibilities are endless when using the internet! Please note this list is just some suggestions, there are many more wonderful educational sites available. Thank you for your continued support with your child’s learning!